December 20, 2006

"Episcopalians Against Equality"

That's the title of this op-ed piece in the Washington Post regarding the succession of nine Episcopal parishes in Virginia from the U. S. Episcopal Church. This part really struck me:

In slamming the door on their American co-religionists, the two largest parishes, which are in Fairfax City and Falls Church, also announced their affiliation with the Episcopal Church of Nigeria. The presiding Nigerian archbishop, Peter Akinola, promotes legislation in his country that would forbid gays and lesbians to form organizations or to eat together in restaurants and that would send them to jail for indulging in same-gender sexual activity. Akinola's agenda so touched the hearts of the Northern Virginia faithful that they anointed him, rather than Jefferts Schori, as their bishop.

That goes a bit further than the "hate the sin, love the sinner" line many anti-gay churches spout off. Check out the rest of this excellent column.

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