April 08, 2010

LGBT Helping Hands 4/8/10-OutYouth (Austin, TX)

Out Youth is a safe place where youth are listened to, supported in good times and bad, and have a chance to learn about themselves and others. We strive to meet youth with acceptance and respect wherever they are in their lives.

Out Youth is a place where youth are challenged to stretch themselves by learning information and skills that they believe will be truly useful in their lives. We believe that youth are the most qualified to define their own needs and interests and we work with each individual to guide that process as needed.

Most importantly, Out Youth is a place where youth are valued and have the opportunity to give back to their own communities in whatever ways they wish. Here, youth can become part of the solution to the problems that most concern them.

Out Youth is a safe place for youth and their allies to learn, share, and grow.

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