April 07, 2010

Affirming Resource 4/7/10-Seattle First Baptist, WA (American Baptist)

A warm welcome to Seattle First Baptist Church! Whether through this website or in person, here you will find a dynamic faith community that has been a voice for social justice and progressive theology in downtown Seattle for more than a century. Here it is safe to hold your Christian heritage unapologetically while also valuing opportunities to collaborate with people of all faiths on issues that we hold in common. All people and all families are welcome into this congregation where diversity is cherished and makes us strong.

Seattle First Baptist is a church community that seeks to follow the way of Jesus Christ, to be a people of God and to love and care for our neighbors, and we invite all of you to be part of us for one website visit, one worship service, or for a lifetime. Seattle First Baptist is aligned with the American Baptist Churches USA and values traditional historic Baptist principles such as Soul Freedom — the right of each person to interpret the Bible and other teachings for her or himself, the Separation of Church and State and the Autonomy of the congregation. As a church we value our communal times of worship, music and education together, and we encourage individuals to discover and walk their spiritual path in solitude and in community, in small groups and large, and in individual spiritual direction.

These pages contain much more information about this church and our work together. We joyfully encourage all to worship with us — whether on line through sermons, other writings and music, or in person in Seattle on Sunday mornings or at one of the many activities at the church each week.

Are you seeking a church home? Do you question what value an institution like a church can possibly provide to our community today? This is a place where we encourage all to keep questioning. We welcome and cherish your heart, your mind, and your own growing ability to minister to the world.

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