March 11, 2010

Matthew 25 Resource 3/12/10-My Father's House

Our Mission...

is to value the underserved sub-rural population by assisting and empowering individuals and families to overcome life's challenges. Opportunities for growth are provided in a nurturing environment of grace, hope and optimism.

Acceptance: We love, accept and care for people just as they are.

Transformation: We will partner with our clients to design a plan to promote growth through program participation.

Purpose: We will encourage our clients to invest in volunteer service that is inspiring, fulfilling and helpful to others.
MFH IS FOR those who . . .

…may be traveling through life with a heavy heart and a heavy load.
…may have made a huge mess of things at some point in their life, sometimes the mess still haunts them.
…may have tried and tried to get it together and can not.
…maybe living out generations of hurt and dysfunction.
…may have been beaten, abused, neglected and ignored.
…may have wrongly believed what society, their peers, their families, and others have told them about their lack of value and worth.
…hold a flickering hope that life might have meaning, joy and peace even though they haven’t seen much evidence of it.
…may find their heart, mind, soul, and/or strength is in ill health.
…may be much like we who serve at My Father’s House are or have been.

WE BELIEVE that . . .

…there is hope for everybody in every circumstance.
…lives can be transformed from the inside out.
…you deserve the best even if you don’t think so.
…if you desire change, you must choose to participate in that process.
…everyone should be part of a healthy, functional community where people value and care for one another.
…everyone has a valuable contribution to make to the community that is fulfilling, enjoyable and inspiring.
WE FOCUS our services in Miami and Linn Counties . . .

Those who have low or no income.
The marginalized and disenfranchised.
The underserved and forgotten.
OUR SERVICES include . . .

Transitional Housing.
For Individual Women & Families.
Personal & Family Advancement.
Case Management provides
* Help with goal setting.
* Developing plans for success.
* Accountability.
* Resources.
* Advocacy.
* Mentorship

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