March 13, 2010

Affirming Resource 3/13/10-Renaissance Community Church, Vancouver, BC Canada

We want to be a church where people can grow stronger, where hurts can be healed and victories are shared as we explore the mystery of God's incredible love.
We invite you to join your heart and soul with ours in worship, praise and quiet reflection into the wonder and awe of a living God.
Come, let the music lift your spirit. For into our busy, changing world we can take the special treasure of His peace, His joy and His life. Gay and lesbian people everywhere are looking for a warm and accepting place, full of life and purpose, where they sense belonging; a place to find practical help for everyday living. Our church is that kind of place. I invite you to get to know us. It can be very exciting around here - something happening all the time. Come and join us! At Renaissance you can "belong, believe and become!"
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