February 04, 2010

Affirming Words 2/4/10-"Sharing Your Faith as a LGBTQ Christian"

This essay from LesBePure tackles that topic:

When asked to write on the topic of sharing your faith as a gay Christian I had to take a step back and think about it. I mean, how have I shared my faith since I came out less than a year ago? I have to admit I haven’t had many opportunities to do so lately and unfortunately, the opportunities I had, I backed away from. I was scared. Why? Because I wasn’t firm yet in who I was. I was still figuring out how to live an openly gay lifestyle and didn’t know how to combine the two aspects of myself. So, before anything else happened, I first had to figure out how to put these parts of my identity back together and see how they interacted. I had to take the time to pursue and study the experiences of others and piece together my own so I could understand that I wasn’t alone; that I was okay exactly where I was. I found out I could love God and be gay at the same time.

Shoo…okay, now that I had that part figured out it was time to put it into play. Actually, maybe it’s now time to put it into play. I’m walking through this journey with you and continuously learning how to be bold and stand for what I believe in.

You know, being a part of the gay Christian community is not always easy. Not only do we have to explain why we are gay, but we have to explain how we can be Christian and gay. So, within all of these questions and confusions we get from everyone around us, how do we learn to share our faith adequately? I think it has to start first by what I recently figured out: by knowing and being confident in our own identities and foundations. From there, we can take the opportunities to share and not only do we have to be firm enough in our foundations to share with unbelievers, but we also have to “know our stuff” in order to share and explain with the believers around us who do question our faith and motives.
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