February 04, 2010

Affirming Resource 2/4/10-Rainbow Covenant Christian Ministries, St. Louis, Missouri

Hi, I am Pastor Lynn and I want to introduce you to Rainbow Covenant Christian Ministries. We are experiencing a time of growth and excitement and would love for you to come and see what God is doing.

November 2008 I celebrated my 21st anniversary in the ministry as a Pastor. God is leading me and the ministry into places we have never even dreamed would be possible. We are continuing to face new challenges and finding ourselves in unchartered waters. However, we don't have to be afraid of the unknown because Jesus is there. It is difficult to swim upstream to the unknown when floating downstream to what we know seems to be easier. However, the way that seems to be easier is usually the wrong way to go. RCCM is continuing to "buck the current". WOW!!! As we continue to swim, we notice that the scenery is changing so we must be moving forward. As we remain in God's will there will be tough times but He will "never leave us nor forsake us". I want to continue to "run this race" so that more people will hear of His love and His power to change their life. We must always remember that life is all about the journey with Jesus and then we'll be home. It doesn't get any better than that. "Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say Rejoice!"..

RCCM has a Vision:

To love without judgment or condemnation
To offer the hope of Jesus Christ to the hopeless ..
To teach the principles of living by Faith
To pray for people who desire healing for their spirit, soul (mind) or body.
To affirm God’s love to those who believe that they are not worthy of His love.

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