January 30, 2010

The Next Step for Straight, Not Narrow

After much discussion and prayer, we have decided to take this blog in a 100% faith related direction.  We've obviously been moving toward that over the last few months, but felt led to take the final step at this time. 

We'll still have plenty of LGBT related news available.  We've added feeds from several of the top LGBT news sites to our Google Newsreel on the right hand side of every page.

Our total focus now, though, will be on matters of faith in Jesus Christ, continuing to help LGBT people understand they are welcome in the kingdom of God without having to act straight, and to help straight people understand that fact and embrace their LGBT brothers and sisters as equals in every aspect of Christianity and society.

Starting tomorrow and continuing every Sunday, Straight, Not Narrow will be completely focused on bringing you live worship being streamed over the Internet. 

We've been limiting our services and churches we link to those who are independent, not affiliated with any particular denomination.  We are now undertaking a long-term project to add churches from some of the main denominations that allow recognition and acceptance of LGBT people.  Most of those denominations, however, allow individual congregations the option of choosing how they respond to LGBT people, so we will be examining churches on a case-by-case basis. 

This examination will also include adherence to what we believe are the non-negotiable basic truths of the Christian faith; that God came to Earth in fully human form as Jesus Christ, was crucified for our sins, rose on the third day, and that acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the ONLY way to eternal fellowship with Him in heaven.  We will do our best to be vigilant in not including any churches whose teachings conflict with these basic truths.

We hope by this exercise to bring you a wider choice of worship styles and doctrinal beliefs so that more people will engage in the services and hopefully be fed by the Holy Spirit and even visit one of the churches we present here at Straight, Not Narrow.

Here is our new schedule for Monday-Saturday.  All times are Eastern.

5:30 AM  Encouraging Words, formerly labeled as Daily Devotional
8:00 AM  LGBT Helping Hands (Monday-Friday) and our LOL cat friends on Saturday
10:30 AM Encouraging Music
1:00 PM Affirming Resource, either an LGBT affirming church or a useful website that teachings LGBT affirming doctrine
3:30 PM Matthew 25 Resource, helping those less fortunate (Monday-Friday) and "From the SNN Library" on Saturday, continuing our book recommendations
6:00 PM Affirming Words, including teachings, essays, and soon Brenda and Jim will resume podcasts that will be included here

We want everyone to have the opportunity to embrace the affirming love of Jesus.  If you know of someone who needs that message, please send them a link to our site.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve through the material we post on this website and hope you are blessed as we continue to develop the Straight, Not Narrow ministry.


  1. Thanks for letting your "loyal readers" know of the change. May it be a great resource for our GLBT brethren who don't have a home church or need some more support.

    Love you guys.

  2. I love your blog I read it every day, it is a source of hope and inspiration and has been helping me to grow in my Christianity.