January 28, 2010

Matthew 25 Resource 1/28/10-Our House (Monroe, LA)

As a center for youth, Our House, inc. is prevention/intervention oriented and is unique because it accepts client self-referral. The immediate goal is to address the crisis and stabilize the youth and family toward reunification. Our House provides shelter services for males and females age 11 to 17, until the crisis is resolved and he/she can return home, obtain an alternative placement, or become self-sufficient.

Our House strives to provide an effective family setting with shared responsibilities and decision making and a sincere caring for youth. The daily routine is structured, but flexible. The routine delineates boundaries essential for youth in preparing for social interaction up upon their return home. The program will be modified to accommodate the needs of individuals as much as possible, without compromising the mission of the programs to provide an environment of structure and consistency. Staff throughout the program will demonstrate a concern and respect for ethical, spiritual, and moral values of youth and their families.

In its longer term goal to assist runaway and homeless adolescents, as well as youth in crisis and their families, Our House provides intervention, counseling, shelter, referral, and/or advocacy on behalf of the youth in crisis. Often these services and others, such as tutoring, are provided on an ongoing basis as needed by the individual client and /or family. Because of its prevention emphasis, Our House concentrates on non-offending youth, or youth who have committed only minor status offenses. Our House strives to deter juvenile-delinquent activity, such as community violence, vandalism, and self-destruction, by developing helping relationships with at-risk youth. This the only early intervention, 24-hour availability, self-referring program serving youth in northeast Louisiana.
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