January 25, 2010

LGBT Helping Hands 1/25/10-Utah Pride Center (Salt Lake City)

The Utah Pride Center helps to provide GLBT people, their families and friends living in Utah with a vast array of services. Many programs and services are generated through collaborations with other community organizations and allies operating in the broader Utah community. By establishing formal partnerships with various community-based organizations through our affiliate and sponsored programs, the Center is able to bring together the vast resources of the community to one central place. The majority of the Utah Pride Center’s work is currently focused in and around the Wasatch Front.

The Utah Pride Center serves as a hub that links individuals and programs to each other and to the community. The Wasatch Front is rich with organizations and agencies serving specific needs of the GLBT community; and the Center’s goal is to connect them to provide a more unified, holistic approach. Rather than duplicating existing services, the Center works to enhance and promote them, fostering connections among service providers and insuring that people in need can find them. Through the scope of its mission and resources, the Center plays a distinct role to strengthen both individuals and organizations (formal and informal) in Utah’s GLBT community. The Utah Pride Center helps to develop programs that encourage peer leadership and focus on empowering individuals to be active participants in building a shared community.

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