January 17, 2010

If a Pastor Preaches Hate, Get Up and Leave!

That's what a gay couple did in a Washington, DC church.  From the DC Agenda:

Jon Mack and his partner, Michael Garrett, said their one-year tenure as members of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Northeast D.C. came to an abrupt end last week.

The two gay men said they were startled and deeply hurt when Bishop Alfred Owens, the church pastor, appeared to be sending them and other same-sex couples a blunt message Jan. 3.

“Sex is only pleasing to God in the marriage bed, and the marriage bed is a man and … a woman!” Owens shouted from the pulpit, with hundreds in the church pews shouting their approval, according to accounts by Mack and Garrett.

Owens’ remarks are also captured on a recording of his sermon made available last week on the church’s web site.

“If marriage wasn’t between a man and a woman, you wouldn’t be here because two men doing it don’t produce no kids,” Owens said. “And two women doing it don’t produce no kids! It’s all about family,” he said as members of the congregation continued to clap and cheer.

“During this homophobic rant, me and my partner got up and walked out,” said Mack, 28.
Amen.  You do NOT have to sit and listen to someone preach against your right to love someone.  Go somewhere that affirms who you are as a person and shows you the path to a close relationship with God within that context.
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