January 18, 2010

Would Dr. King Have Spoken Out for LGBT Rights?

His widow thought so according to this essay from Rev. Irene Monroe at UK Gay News:

King understood the interconnections of struggles. And an example of that understanding is when Martin Luther King said: “The revolution for human rights is opening up unhealthy areas in American life and permitting a new and wholesome healing to take place. Eventually the civil rights movement will have contributed infinitely more to the nation than the eradication of racial justice.”

This statement clearly includes LGBTQ justice but would King have spoken on this subject at that time and even now?

King’s now deceased wife says yes.

In 1998, Coretta Scott King addressed the LGBT group Lambda Legal in Chicago. In her speech, she said queer rights and civil rights were the same. “I appeal to everyone who believes in Martin Luther King’s dream to make room at the table of brother and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people,” she said.

As we remember Dr. King on this day designated in his memory, let's also remember his widow's appeal.
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  1. I met a good friend of Dr. King's when I was involved in Soulforce. He is a gay man and said that Dr. King never had an issue with his sexuality. In fact, he did basically see it as another equality issue. I think he wouldn't have said anything at the time because he kind of had his hands full with securing rights for the black community. However, I do think that, had he lived until now, he would have branched out and started really speaking out about other minority communities, including sexual minorities.