December 21, 2009

Trading One Hell For Another-One Transgender Person's Struggle

This isn't one of those feel-good heart warming stories, but hopefully it will be some day.  From the Comox Valley Record (CA) via Twitter user TransNewsGirl:

Jessica has worn holes into her size 11 practical Mary-Jane shoes.

They’re obviously not shoes she wears as a costume, they’re shoes she wears for real life.

And real life these days seems to be wearing holes in Jessica.

“You go from everyday, living in hell, knowing you’re living in the wrong body to the hell of the ignorant public,” said Jessica.

Jessica is transgendered. Born with male organs, she said she’s always known she was meant to be a female. It’s taken decades for her to come to terms with it — years spent living a man’s life she was unhappy with, which led to a drug addiction, homelessness and destructive relationships.

Finally, Jessica realized life had to change, or had to end.

Click here to read the rest of the story.

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