December 21, 2009

Matthew 25 Resource 12/21/09-The Healing Place (Louisville, KY)

From Jay P. Davidson

For 15 years The Healing Place has provided men and women the opportunity to gain freedom from homelessness and freedom from alcoholism and/or addiction.

As the new President and Chief Executive officer, I am truly humbled by the past accomplishments of The Healing Place and the men and women who are no longer homeless or victims of the disease of addiction. Because of all of the public and private support of many individuals, corporations and government agencies, The Healing Place has become a "Model that Works" in Louisville, Lexington, Raleigh, N.C., and in Richmond, Va.

As we enter a new era of opportunity and success for The Healing Place, the demand for the recovery program continues to grow. We have the challenge and blessing of continuing to provide a successful recovery program to the indigent and underserved while helping other communities replicate a "Model that Works." I believe we can and will be successful in decreasing the demand for drugs and alcohol by helping men and women find sobriety, while increasing recovery program services for those who need them.

I am excited about this challenge because The Healing Place has the best and most competent staff in its history. They are dedicated and empathetic to the demands of those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. We are supported by a very dedicated and passionate Board of Directors focused on the mission and committed to ensuring the continued success of the organization.

The future of The Healing Place is bright and exciting. I have the best job in the world. I want to thank everyone for their confidence and support as we begin the next 15 years.

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