December 24, 2009

In Our Own Words 12/24/09-Our Merry Christmas Wishes For You

We're sitting in our warm home with the fireplace going and listening to Christmas music tonight.  We realize how blessed we've been this year, and part of that blessing has been working on this blog and putting it out there for you.  We're received some truly wonderful and moving feedback during the course of the year which is appreciated and tells us that we are doing something worthwhile.

As Christmas Day is almost here, we want you all to know how much we value and love each and every person who our work has touched in some way.  We can say that about those of you we haven't met or even interacted with because we are children of the Most High, and are therefore of value and worthy of being loved because He first loved us.

Regardless of your family situation, we sincerely hope and pray that you seek the joy, peace, and hope that the birth of Jesus Christ, our savior, is all about.  If you haven't talked to Him recently, maybe just start out by wishing Him a happy birthday and see where the conversation goes from there.

Merry Christmas and God Bless everyone!

Jim and Brenda

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