November 01, 2009

Matthew 25 Resource 11/1/09-A Child's Place (Charlotte, NC)

With no permanent residence, homeless children often stop going to school -- the one place that should provide structure in a life of transition. Without the influence and stability of a classroom environment, these children lose more than a chance to learn. They also lose the crucial sense of belonging gained from interacting with friends and other students. But there is hope for these children -- and help -- through A Child's Place. Founded in 1989, A Child's Place is a collaborative effort between the Charlotte, NC community and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS).

The goals of A Child's Place are to:
# provide stable, appropriate education to homeless students
# provide support services to enhance their opportunities for academic success
# provide services to families to ensure long term stability and self-sufficiency

Education and Support

Homeless children are provided with stable, appropriate education in a mainstream setting through A Child's Place. Comprehensive and timely assessments ensure that students receive the instruction and services they need. For the homeless students who are in need of extra support in order to achieve academic success, food, clothing, personal hygiene products and school supplies are distributed. Volunteer professionals provide medical, dental and counseling services. Volunteer tutors and "lunch buddy" mentors also offer academic and emotional support to children coping with stress, fear and other emotions resulting from homelessness. Scholarships to after school programs accomodate working parents' schedules and enrich learning experiences.

Family Advocacy

Housing a child means housing a family. Through its Family Advocacy program, A Child's Place provides parents connections to the employment, housing and education opportunities that can lead to a life of stability. Vital services also available to families include links to crisis counseling, budgeting and financial assistance plus emotional support and encouragement.

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