November 04, 2009

Encouraging Words 11/4/09-Putting Politics Behind and Focusing on Jesus!

A lot of people reading this were upset at the results of elections held in various parts of the country. That's one of the biggest problems with relying on political solutions--they aren't decided by right and wrong or clear moral values--it's who has the best funded, most effective message and organization structure to get out the voters that support them. Sometimes that makes us happy, other times it makes us angry, and the results are seldom permanent.

That's why I'm so glad I know Jesus, because he NEVER, NEVER changes. He always wants to love us and he is driven by right and wrong with clear moral values. Those values, unlike what some right-wing churches teach, do NOT include hating or condemning LGBT people. Jesus' love extends to all people.

Beginning Thursday night, we will be involved in a worship event that promises to be like few others ever held. We're not hyping it to reach into your pockets and get some of your money--we simply want you to share in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and be blessed by some of the most gifted, spirit-filled LGBT men and women of God on this continent!

Our church, Believers Covenant Fellowship, is holding a series of worship services and workshops under the banner "The Fire and the Glory." We have leaders from the northwest, southwest, midwest, southeast, and Canada joining our BCF ministry team, and you can join us from anywhere in the world via a live video stream on the Internet. Here is the link for the USTREAM video feed.

Here is the schedule of events:

Thursday Evening, 7:30 PM
Pastor Debbie George leading prophetic worship
Pastor Susan George, preaching God's Word

Friday Morning, 10-12 AM
Brief Worship, announcements
"Healing Our Identity"
Pastor Jack McConnell

Friday Evening, 7:30 PM
Welcome, worship,
"Embracing The Refiner's Fire"
Pastor David Thomas

Saturday Morning, 10-12 AM
Brief Worship, announcements
"The Restored Five-Fold Ministry & It's Purpose"
Apostle Dale Jarrett
"On Being A New Testament Church"
Apostle Dylan & Vinnie Crozier

Saturday Evening, 7:30 PM
Welcome, worship
"Out of the Fire and Into the GLORY!"
Rev. Evelyn Schave

Sunday Morning
Welcome, worship
"Living IN The Glory"
Apostle Randy Morgan

NOTE: The times are all in the East Coast time zone. Intercessory Prayer starts 30 minutes prior to services and will also be broadcast.

We are both very excited to have the opportunity to be actively involved in the ministry efforts of this gathering. BCF has received several prophetic words that point to an incredible outpouring from God happening during this time, and we can ALL be blessed by that!

Click here to see the official brochure for the event, including bios of the speakers.

Instead of wrestling with disappointment and anger at how the political process has once again failed you, we invite you to join us as we share some really good news--God loves you!

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