November 04, 2009

Equality Dealt a Blow in Maine

A tragic streak continued last night in Maine. According to the Associated Press, for the 31st consecutive time same-sex marriage was put up to a popular vote in a state, opponents carried the day.

Last night's loss in Maine, where an existing law passed by the legislature was repealed, is certainly one of the most disappointing and painful of this uphill battle for equality, coming in the region of the United States most favorably disposed to open minded thinking and acceptance.

It remains very difficult for a minority to obtain rights that the majority has when the majority can turn them back by forcing a public vote, where they have vast superiority in numbers. Those of us who are accepting and supporting of LGBT people and understand that they should have equal rights need to work harder and perhaps find a different approach to prevail.

We offer our condolences and prayers for those same-sex couples who had legal rights taken away from them. We hope that the anger and hurt you rightfully feel can be channeled in a positive and constructive direction,

Here is the report from MSNBC.

Here is the local perspective from the Bangor, Maine Daily News.

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