October 22, 2009

SNN Recommends 10/22/09-Straight-Friendly

Straight-Friendly is;

A daily devotional for GLBT and other alienated Christians --with occasional personal observations.

I'm a gay Pentecostal preacher's kid who gratefully managed to survive coming out of the closet with my faith intact. Over the years, I've met dozens of other GLBT friends who were less fortunate. This blog is for them--and tens of thousands like them. I pray that something here will encourage all of us to renew or strengthen our commitment to Christ. This starts by looking to Him for acceptance, not those claiming to speak for Him. Instead of waiting for fellow Christians who reject us to become "gay-friendly," I hope and believe that we can overcome our issues by becoming "straight-friendly"--loving them as Jesus told us to do. On the personal side, I'm a writer who lives in Chicago with Walt, my partner of 18 years. Cody, our mischievous yellow longhaired cat, knows no end of ways to keep things hopping around our house.

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