October 24, 2009

Matthew 25 Resource 10/24/09-Stop Child Poverty

We have a secret to tell you. This may be hard to swallow. Ready? Here goes: It is possible to end child poverty in our lifetimes.

We found it hard to believe at first, too. But it is possible, and it is exciting. How can it be done? With people like you joining the Stop Child Poverty campaign to fight child poverty alongside a community of other changemakers.

In 2000, world leaders and governments made a commitment to halve poverty by 2015. Since then, other economists and leaders have announced that not only is it possible to halve poverty by 2015, we can end extreme poverty altogether by 2025. The Stop Child Poverty campaign works on this premise, and urges governments to fulfill their obligations to the world's children. The Stop Child Poverty campaign also works to raise awareness about child poverty and to transform the way people view child poverty. It's time for a shift. Child poverty doesn't have to be an irreversible reality. "Eat all your vegetables because there are children starving in Africa," doesn't have to be the dinner-time cliché.

The Stop Child Poverty campaign is just beginning and the possibilities are endless if we can work together. You have the opportunity to be on the forefront of a new movement dedicated to ending extreme poverty in our lifetime, and to help shape the way we grow as a community.

If you've heard a better world is possible, it's true. If you've heard it but never believed it, reconsider. By joining the Stop Child Poverty campaign, every year, every month, every day, we can end hunger, pain, fear and suffering for millions of children.

So join the campaign, join the community. Today is one of those life-changing days.

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