October 10, 2009

Matthew 25 Resource 10/10/09-Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger ACF International was founded in France in 1979 among the so-called “second generation” humanitarian organizations— those agencies whose identities were forged in response to the perceived limits of traditional humanitarianism. Seeking a less deferential role for humanitarian actors, these organizations sought a brand of humanitarian politics that could influence political actors and outcomes, not just mitigate atrocities on the ground. The resulting organizational shift revolutionized how humanitarian professionals responded to international crises and interacted with key actors, institutions, and agencies.

Action Against Hunger’s founding took this evolution even further. While hunger had been addressed in general campaigns against poverty and poor public health, Action Against Hunger was established specifically to combat hunger worldwide, leading the way in defining the terrain, developing appropriate strategies, conducting vital field research, and delivering life-saving programs.

Named for the original member of the International Network, Action contre la Faim, or ACF, the ACF International Network shares an overall vision of a world without hunger, collaborating closely and sharing human resources, logistics, and technical capacity. As a non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious organization, our International Network is committed to principled humanitarian action as outlined in our International Charter of Principles: Independence, Neutrality, Non-Discrimination, Free and Direct Access to Victims, Professionalism, and Transparency.

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