October 05, 2009

Encouraging Words 10/5/09-BCF Praise Report

GOD IS ON OUR SIDE! HE LOVES US SOOOO MUCH! AND HE HAS A PLAN THAT HE IS FULFILLING EVEN NOW!!! What an awesome revelation that will change your whole outlook on your life and ministry calling if you will only BELIEVE! Remember that Jesus said to Mary & Martha regarding Lazarus' death and resurrection, "Didn't I say unto you that you WOULD SEE the glory of God if you would only believe!?!"

I know that I added the emphasis and exclamations, but don't you know that Jesus was CONFIDENT in what He was saying! And isn't it true that they DID SEE the glory of God when Lazarus came out of that tomb of death and despair! TODAY I am praying that all of us will come up higher in our passion for the Lord Jesus, and to step into the realm where nothing is impossible for us because nothing is impossible with our God!

We had a fantastic worship service yesterday at BCF. We are so humbled and overwhelmed at the intensity of the presence of the Lord and how the Holy Spirit IS leading and directing our services! Our hearts are growing in a firy expectation for an indescribable outpouring of GLORY at our upcoming Fall Renewal, and we are preparing our lives, our hearts, our abilities to be fully ready to serve as He leads. Our sermon title was called "The Intentional Christian" and the Lord admonished us to prioritize our walk and relationship with the Lord Jesus MORE THAN EVER- to be full of purpose and INTENTIONALLY LIVE FOR CHRIST! I hope that you will go check out the podcast. We had some more glitches with our ustream and unfortunately it did not record online- but you can still listen to the podcast. I hope that you will, it will bless you and speak to you, I know because it did us!! :-)

I want to express our deepest gratitude to Pastor Doug Sewell, All Saints Community Church in Ohio, who drove all the way to DC this past weekend to do some leadership training/activation of spiritual gifts in our leadership.

He did an awesome job teaching us, and we ALL received! It's so exciting to see people hear the Word, believe it, then ACT on it- and then SEE God move! Wow, what an exciting life- living with Jesus! It only keeps getting better!

We love you and we are praying for each of you- today and everyday! You matter to us- and for that matter- truth be told- WE ALL MATTER TO ONE ANOTHER!!! We WANT you to succeed in your ministry calling and life. Isn't it wonderful to be a part of the Family of God, and to know that you are loved and deeply cared about? We will always do our best to love and support each other, to help one another, to encourage each other. Keep on praying and getting close to Jesus, keep on praising God- it opens the door into His presence, and STAY IN THE WORD!!! Keep your spiritual tank filled to overflowing so that you have something to give out to others.

God has a DIVINE APPOINTMENT for YOU- to share your faith and the love of Jesus Christ with someone today and this week! So be ready, be open, be watchful- and be BOLD!

Ap Dale

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