October 11, 2009

LGBT Helping Hands 10/14/09-Camp Rehoboth (DE)

CAMP Rehoboth is a nonprofit community service organization dedicated to creating a more positive environment in Rehoboth Beach and its related communities. We seek to promote cooperation and understanding among all people, as we work to build safe, inclusive communities with room for all.

We seek to promote community well-being on all levels; to foster the development of community groups; to develop community space; to promote human and civil rights; to work against prejudice and discrimination; to lessen tensions among the community at large; and to help foster the economic growth of the area. We work toward these ends through activities such as the following:

* Fundraising for other organizations, such as AIDS service organizations, gay and lesbian community organizations, recycling programs, environmental projects, literacy training, and other ventures for the general betterment of the community.
* Networking resources and information by publishing a newsletter, and functioning as an alternative tourist bureau and information center.
* Promoting artistic expressions and creative thinking, and giving aid to artists and craftspeople with an emphasis on the works of lesbians and gay men.
* Education and outreach to the larger community, including sensitivity training seminars, and printed materials to promote positive images of gay and lesbian people and others.
* Promoting political awareness to build safe and inclusive community through voter information, education, and registration; and analysis of issues and candidates.

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