October 16, 2009

Encouraging Words 10/16/09-God's Top Ten Promises

This is a wonderful piece from the site "I'm a Gay Christian."

#1. I will be your God when all other gods fail you, hurt you, and leave you. Put me first in all you do and peace is yours – Guaranteed!

#2. I am the only example in Life that you need to follow. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

#3. If you call on my name in a time of need, my name will hold power and comfort. Use my name in a righteous way and victory is yours.

#4. You will have a good work ethic and success will be yours if you work when I tell you and rest when I tell you. Your life will have balance.

#5. If you respect those in authority over you, you will have a long life and you will be respected.

#6. You’ll never be tortured at night with a guilty conscience if you don’t plot to hurt someone.

#7. You’ll never have a broken marriage if you and your spouse honor me in your relationship and home.

#8. You’ll never have to figure out how to hide anything if you don’t take what isn’t yours.

#9. You’ll never be a gossip if you don’t talk badly or falsely about your friends.

#10. You’ll never want for anything if you learn that what I give you is plenty and perfect. My grace is sufficient for YOU!

Recognize these promises? They are from the Ten Commandments. Amazing how much more receptive we are of God’s commands when they seem to be turned into beautiful promises. Many times we tend to hear the negative side of religion, and focus on all the “Thou Shalt Not’s” in the Bible. Did you know that every commandment in the Bible is for a reason and has your best intentions at heart? Remember God is a loving God who wants us to succeed and prosper. He knows our most intimate fears and dreams. Put Him first and your life will surely be blessed!

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