October 11, 2009

Big Day Today for the LGBT Community

The National Equality March is taking place in our nation's capital today. Looks like the marchers will have good weather and we're praying for a large crowd, words of wisdom from the stage, and hearts and minds to be opened by this great outpouring.

Click here to find out more information from the official website of the march.

BTW, Straight, Not Narrow is an official endorser of the march.

We'll be bringing you analysis and news from the march throughout the afternoon and evening.

Today is also National Coming Out Day. As difficult and painful as it may be, we firmly believe that if you haven't, in the long run you will be more greatly blessed by coming out than not. Our experience with others has taught us that some people you might think will react negatively will surprise you with their support, perhaps even enthusiasm. If you are seeking someone to support you through this process, we are available to pray for you or with you. Please contact us at straight_notnarrow@yahoo.com.

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