September 05, 2009

NAACP Chariman to LGBT Community-"Victory is Just Ahead"

That's a quote from an e-mail NAACP Chairman Julian Bond sent to blogger/activist Pam Spaulding. This is not a surprise, Bond has been a vocal supporter of LGBT rights for some time, but it is still encouraging to see him engage someone like Pam and to be so encouraging in his message. His full response, from Pam's House Blend:

I do not believe the battle for LGBT rights will ever be won until we can diminish the homophobia in black communities and until more in the black LGBT community join the battle openly.

(It is awfully easy for a straight man to say "come out" - I can only imagine the scorn and derision that would follow some who did so.)

I've often wondered what would be the result of black LGBT church goers standing up in the churches they attend and saying "I'm gay - you know me - I'm like you. I am what God made me. Why do you treat me so badly?"

(It is equally easy for a non-church goer like me to say that.)

If not a church goer, I am an optimist - and I believe the day when equality for all reigns will soon come.

He also sent Pam a copy of a 2008 address he made on equality and LGBT rights.

Click here to read it and Pam's comments at Pam's House Blend.

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