August 30, 2009

We want to be your go-to site!

We are working to build Straight, Not Narrow into more than a site you visit on occasion, we want you to think of it as a destination with valuable LGBT and Christian resources.

We want to first take a moment and thank all of the new visitors we've had in the last few weeks. This month has seen the most traffic at this site that we've ever had, and by a fairly wide margin. The number of visits has increased by 35% just over the last two months, a phenominal rate of growth! We are humbled by this and hope people are being blessed by what they find here.

As we continue to seek the Lord's direction for this site, He apparently wants to keep us busy because he keeps coming up with more content for us to add. Here's what will be coming over the next week:

Along with our daily news item that posts at 6:00 AM eastern, we'll be adding a daily devotion, thoughts on a passage of scripture that we hope you will find applicable to your everyday life. We will be reviewing numerous sources on the Internet, and occasionally adding one of our own. In most cases, we're not going to adhere to the date that it was published because a good word can be read any day.

In the afternoons, we'll be featuring recommended sites/resources as follows:
o Monday-Regional LGBT news sites
o Tuesday-LGBT bloggers
o Wednesday-Regional LGBT advocacy groups
o Thursday-LGBT faith advoacy groups/resources
o Friday-Something fun to get us ready for the weekend
o Saturday-Independent LGBT churches/ministries
o Sunday-Books from our personal library

Finally, every Sunday evening will feature something completely-a serial called "Sequel.' This is something that I (Jim) am writing that will be the story of how a very straight guy got involved in ministering to people who weren't so straight. It is semi-biographical and a story that I hope will be entertaining and enlightening--that's essentially what my life has been like since I met Brenda. Why is it called sequel? You'll just have to read it to find out.

So, every Monday thru Saturday we'll be posting:
6:00 AM LGBT news feature
6:00 AM Daily devotion
10:00 AM Encouraging music video
2:00 PM SNN recommends
4:30 PM Encouraging words

On Sundays, we'll have:
6:00 AM Daily devotion
8:00 AM Sunday worship
2:00 PM SNN Recommends
6:00 PM "Sequel"

As always, if you have any suggestions about content to post, please let us know. Also, we are taking Friday nights for intercessory prayer--if you have any needs you would like us to bring before the Lord, please send them to us, they will remain confidential unless you want us to share with others.

Thanks for visiting and may God richly bless you!

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