February 19, 2007

Looking Ahead to How History Will View Us

Here is an interesting take on the same-sex marriage issue:

Forty years from now, when students of history learn that there were once laws that barred gay and lesbian couples from marrying, they are going to shake their heads at the injustice of it.

And when they do, Liz Bradbury and Patricia Sullivan of Allentown can trot out their 2007 application for a marriage license that's marked ''refused.'' The couple were among about a half-dozen who, following the rally, applied at the courthouse for marriage licenses they knew would be turned down.

Just as in today's society it is hard to imagine (at least for most of us) how human beings were once bought and sold as property and how the rights of women were severely limited, there will be people shaking their heads in the future trying to understand why two people in a loving, committed relationship were once denied the right to marry.

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