February 22, 2007

GLBT Ally: Anne S. Wynne of Atticus Circle

This story was posted on Mombian:

Straight allies are an invaluable component of the struggle for LGBT equality. Anne S. Wynne is the founder of Atticus Circle, an organization that educates and mobilizes straight allies in support of equal rights for LGBT Americans and our families.

Anne agreed to answer some questions about her organization for Mombian’s interview series. Below, she talks about her journey towards creating Atticus Circle, the group’s ongoing work with other LGBT organizations, getting straight people involved who have never before spoken out on LGBT issues, and why you should ask your straight friends and relatives to join.

This from the home page of Atticus Circle:

It is time for us to stand up and stand with our gay and lesbian friends who are being systematically denied the most basic rights and recognition – the very things we, in the heterosexual world, take for granted day after day.

It is time for all children, regardless of their parents’ sexual orientation, to share the same rights and protections.

And it is time for our country to acknowledge that the right to love a partner, be a parent and build a family is a fundamental, equal right for each and every one of us.

Today we need your help to win this “civil rights battle rooted in love.” We need you to add your voice to the growing number of our friends who say, “This just isn’t right.” We invite you to come into the Atticus Circle and stand with others who say, “I’m ready. What can I do?”

For one, you can sign up like I did and offer your voice and support to their advocacy efforts.

Click here to read the Q&A on the Mombian website.

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