January 25, 2007

Keeping Religion Out of Politics--On Both Sides of the Isle

I've frequently written here about why I believe the insertion of the religious right into the political arena has corrupted both parts of society. In this entry on the Washington Post blog "On Faith," writer Susan Jacoby points out the need for the emerging religous left not to follow the same path. I couldn't agree more.

I would be hypocrytical if I endorsed the idea of democrats inserting their religious views into policy making simply because I might agree with them. I have maintained my issue is as much with the blurring of the line between church and state as it is the specific policies the right wing has shoved down America's throats over the past few years.

Ms. Jacoby writes:

I believe, after years of nauseating sanctimony from Christian soldiers in government, that this nation is hungry for candidates who speak about morality in an inclusionary rather than an exclusionary way--who appeal to and for a public and a civic morality that can be subscribed to by Americans of any or no religious belief.

No group of people has been more victimized by this than the GLBT community. It clearly needs to stop, but this country desperately needs a balance to be struck and not for the pendulum to swing just as far the other way.

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