January 24, 2007

Get Out and Lobby!

This is the time of year that state legislatures all across the nation are conveining and considering legislation. There are still states that are entertaining constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage, while others are considering progressive initiatives that would insure equal rights in the workplace and other areas of society and establish harsher penalties for hate crimes committed against GLBT people.

My point is that this is the time for the GLBT community and its allies to stand up and have their voices heard. There are many state and local organizations that adovcate for GLBT issues like the one in my home state, Equality Maryland, which will have their annual lobby day in the state capitol of Annapolis on February 12.

I participated in last year's event, the first time I had ever done anything like that. I was proud to represent a cause I deeply believe in and will do so again next month.

I believe you 'll feel the same way if you join the voices speaking out for equality.

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