January 23, 2007

Connecticut Newspaper Comes Out For Same-Sex Marriage

The Hartford Courant, the most influential newspaper in Connecticut, has published an editorial taking a very strong stance in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. Here is an excerpt:

Connecticut can be proud that it took a step toward ending this discrimination by granting gay and lesbian couples the right to form civil unions, the first state to do so without pressure from the courts. Now, it is time to continue the conversation with a goal of making same-sex marriage a reality.

The editorial makes the case for the significance of the difference between a civil union and marriage. Mirroring the way a lot of folks in New Jersey felt following the recent legalization of civil unions in that state, the Courant points out how a civil union is somewhat of a second class version of marriage. The newspaper states, and I wholeheartedly agree, that GLBT people deserve to stand with their heterosexual counterparts and enjoy the fullness of marriage in every aspect.

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