December 10, 2006

The Right Wing Sure Gets Upset at Fiction

I was reminded of this again in Jerry Falwell's most recent newsletter, where he takes NBC to task because on their show ER, "the character of Hope Bobeck, who is defined as a Christian, abruptly decides that she should enter a sexual relationship with an atheist character."

Falwell continued:

"The storyline reminds me of a “Will and Grace” episode a few years ago in which a gathering of ex-gays (people who have walked away from homosexuality) suddenly run off with each other, overcome by their sexual urges.

The message here is clear: Christianity is a feeble crutch that cannot — and should not — stand against reckless sexuality.

believe these negative media portrayals of Christians and Christianity goes hand-in-hand with the accelerating effort to purge our nation of its Judeo-Christian symbols.

It’s a one-two punch: the media depicts Christians as either mean-spirited ogres or easily influenced simpletons while civil libertarians attempt to convince our fellow citizens that America should be free of religious symbols, specifically Christian ones.

I think this attitude is just pitiful, especially coming on the heels of "The DaVinci Code" movie that was based on A WORK OF FICTION!

Another point I want to make is, regarding the situations Falwell pointed out on TV shows, how many of the characters found true happiness and fulfillment with the choices he is railing against? Tension and conflict are two basic staples of fiction, either comedy or drama. Once the story reaches a happily-ever-after point, it's done and it's time for a new story. It is safe to say that the majority of characters in fiction, either on the screen or the printed page, make bad choices or are the victims of other people's bad choices. This allows for the conflict and uncertainty that makes for a good story.

Of course, if people are looking for mean-spirited Christians or those who are easily influenced, Fox News would be a good place to check out.

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  1. this is the age old trick of a religious leader trying to say we all need to be saved because the media is too liberal and is taking us to hell in a handbasket.

    instead of throwing rocks at each other, i'd like to engage in discussions with people like falwell around areas of agreement. for example, can't we all agree to talk about how we might learn to respect each other more?

    can't we agree to talk about what 'transcendent' values and ethics we can all agree upon and learn to live together under those values?

    can't we agree to disagree and be fine with it? for example, if he (and those who think like him) would stop inserting HIS religious views into OUR constitution and, instead, support OUR laws to be what our country was founded upon: equality for ALL, not just american christians?

    also - there is plenty of conservative media out there - it's alive and well - just look at fox and all of the religious television and radio stations and shows. but many aren't 'buying it' because the fault i think of many religions is that they put your thinking into a box (ie: put u into a kind of trance and stop you from thinking for yourself, engaging in dialogue with others who think differently from you, etc.).

    i say let people hear and read and decide for themselves. it's obvious if you aren't living in a cave that life is about SO MUCH MORE THAN the narrow bible interpretationists want to have us believe!!!

    thanks for waking up my brain this morning, jim.