December 14, 2006

James Dobson's Column In Time Magazine

Perhaps the most frequent object of scorn in this blog, Dr. James Dobson, is at it again. He wrote a guest column in the most recent issue of Time magazine titled, "Two Mommies Is One Too Many." Like many anti-gay bigots, he used the announcement of Mary Cheney's pregnancy to jump back on his soap box (if he ever stepped down) and lecture about the sins of same-sex parenting.

The magazine did post a rebuttal on its website, not the magazine, from Jennifer Chrisler, the Executive Director of the organization Family Pride where she pointed out factual flaws in Dobson's piece.

As usual, the disinformation campaign of an anti-gay leader has set off the radar of Wayne Besen, the founder and head of "Truth Wins Out," an organization that exists to counter such efforts. On the organization's website, Besen reports how two researchers blast Dobson for distorting and cherry-picking parts of their research to support his position.

This remnids me that anytime I am very confident of my position on an issue, whether I am debating an interpretation of the bible or who is the better of two quarterbacks, I don't need to distort or cherry-pick. I can address data that does not support my view if I know in my heart that the data which does support it will carry the debate. It's only when I am not sure of my position that I try to avoid the other side. After all, who likes to lose an arguement?

Unfortunately, Dobson tries to win this debate at the cost of people in the GLBT community who won't reach out to God and suffer in their own self-loathing because of the negative attitudes he invests vast resources into perpetuating.

Then again, if they're not writing checks to support his political agenda, they don't really matter.

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