December 12, 2006

"Glory to God and all God's Children"

"'Tis the season to re-examine mainstream attitudes toward gays and other sexual minorities."

That was the subheading to this column which is noteworthy not as much for what is says but for where it is being said.

This column was written by Clarke Thomas, someone who is a newspaper editor, not a GLBT activist. It was also published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, not a GLBT or alternative newspaper in an area hardly known for it's liberal slant.

Thomas also writes:

"The growing gay family phenomenon should prompt churches and church people in this season of goodwill compassionately to re-examine their attitudes toward the GLBT population."

This column in a mainstream media outlet is more evidence that attitudes toward GLBT equality are shifting in a positive direction and that more people are seeing the right-wing rhetoric for what it is: bigotry and hatred.

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