December 03, 2006

Perspective on Baptists by a Baptist.

Rev. Jim Evans, who regularly contributes to the site Ethics Daily, gets it. No matter what the topic, when I read his columns, in my opinion he gets it.

So it was no surprise that I read this piece on the recent North Carolina State Baptist Associaion's recent declaration that any church that affirms a homosexual "lifestyle" cannot join the association, and any current member that does so would be expelled.

While not directly affirming the place of the homosexual in the church, Rev. Evans asks,

"For instance, in the book of Leviticus homosexual behavior is described as "an abomination." But the exact same word is used to describe the eating of pork. Why don't we have a campaign against bacon eaters?

In the few places in the New Testament where homosexual behavior is discussed, it is always included in a long list of behaviors including greed and gossip.

Greed and gossip?

Why is it we never hear anything about greedy gossips? If Ezekiel and Jesus are right, greed makes more sense as a threat to our standing at the final judgment than anything else. In fact, greed may explain our general lack of concern and compassion for the poor in our midst."

It's always nice to see somebody dishing out healthy doses of perspective.

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