December 05, 2006

Announcing the Sixth "International Carnival of Pozitivities"

Ron Hudson, who writes the blog 2sides2ron, is hosting the latest monthly installment of The International Carinval of Pozitivities. Ron provides the background for this blog carnival:

"I founded this blog carnival in June, 2006, to help fill the void of information in mainstream media and other sources about the impact of HIV/AIDS in the world. It seemed to me that all we were hearing about HIV/AIDS related to how new drug therapies were stemming the tide of deaths from this disease. In the West, we have, indeed, seen a drop in the number of AIDS deaths, but some important aspects of this story were being omitted. Side effects, cost, lack of access and medication failures were not being discussed. Neither was the impact of AIDS in the more poverty-stricken regions of the World and the lack of infrastructure for providing medication to the over 40 million people infected worldwide. Far more frightening, we have failed as a society to discuss transmission modalities in frank and honest ways. While the disease continues to spread, we avoid discussions about our true nature as sexual beings as if our shame and denial will make this disease vanish from before our eyes. Prevention of HIV/AIDS can only take place through honest and open discussion. It is in the spirit of promoting just such a dialogue that I founded the ICP. I am proud to see the project has survived its first six months and am honored by all past participants for their courage and commitment to the project. Please join us."

They were kind enough to include a story from this blog in last month's carnival, and I would encourage all of you to take Ron up on his invitation and visit the sixth monthly installment of The International Carnival of Pozitivities.

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