December 04, 2006

The Fight Is Never Over

The battle for marriage equality was won in Canada, but opponents are gearing up for a rematch.

Along with this, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is using his push to repeal the state's same-sex marriage law as a tool to gain conservative support for his potential 2008 presidential candidacy.

This is a reminder that, even when victories are won, there are those whose hatred of equal rights runs so deep that they will NEVER give up the fight. Supporters need to have the same resolve and understand that this is the reality that has to be dealt with.

Ultimately, it will be worth the fight because it's right.


  1. I live in Ottawa and can tell you that this won't go anywhere. They are expecting a day of debate and then a vote that won't even be close. Even people who were against gay marriage in the first place don't want to reopen it. It's pointless. Canadians have moved on.


  2. I don't get it. What a hypocritical pursuit. Those same people who would deny gay couples marriage, based on what they think are stats that gay couples can't reliably stay together or have frequent partners. Now, here come the same people to divorce these couples involuntarily.
    They gay couples won't divorce, so Canada and Mitt Romney want to do it for them.

    Is that STUPID...or what?!

  3. Good to know that shameless politicians don't plague just the USA...