November 19, 2006

The AIDS Evangelists

Here is an interesting piece from the Seattle Weekly publication that tells us about the struggle the organization World Vision is having engaging churches as part of the solution to the worldwide problem with AIDS.

Rich Stearns, the director of World Vision, answered the question "Where has the church been?"

"If we honestly ask who are the ones who have taken the lead in fighting against AIDS and showing compassion to its victims, we find a surprising list." He ticked them off: "the homosexual community, Hollywood, rock stars, political liberals, the U.S. government, the United Nations, secular humanitarian organizations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation."

Some elements of the evangelical community have done worse than ignore the issue, they have incredibly actively opposed more AIDS funding.

"In May of this year, Focus on the Family's James Dobson and 30 other Christian leaders signed a letter to congressional representatives urging them to oppose a proposed increase in U.S. contributions to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, a Swiss-based fund that raises billions of dollars in governmental and private money throughout the world. Among the Global Fund's alleged crimes were ties to philanthropist George Soros, whom the letter linked to "radical causes" like abortion and euthanasia. It also attacked the Global Fund for promoting condoms rather than abstinence and faithfulness. The increase in funding passed anyway."

Gee, what a surprise Dobson was mixed up in that. As usual, Dobson and his ilk are more worried about their base of political power than helping people, and it continues to disgust me that he claims to do so in the name of God.

There is movement from the evangelical community.

"A number of prominent evangelical leaders have turned their attention to the issue, among them Franklin Graham and the Rev. Rick Warren, the best-selling author and pastor of California's populous Saddleback Church, which is about to hold its second annual AIDS conference. World Vision enlisted Kay Warren, the pastor's wife, to make several appearances on its Hope Tour. That same year, evangelicals lent crucial support to a $15 billion, five-year AIDS effort launched by President Bush called the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief."

Please join me in praying that more people turn their focus on God's work of helping to heal those who are sick and preventing more from contracting this horrible disease.


  1. Well, we are talking about HIV/AIDS. That is not in the Bible. Now if these folks were lepers, now that is a different story. I mean if the Bible doesn't LITERALLY command us to help HIV/AIDS patients, I guess we are off the hook. Right?

  2. Dobson's whole outlook is disgusting. He spends almost all his time focused on other people's sex lives and the rest focused on bashing "radicals". He shouldn't ever get another dime in contributions from people of real faith.

  3. Jim, normally you link to the article you're blogging about, but you seem to have forgotten it. I had to do some googling to find it at
    It's a longer article, but a good read.
    I do love this site, and have to admit I read it every day.

  4. Thanks for covering for me Alex. I'm glad you find the site worth your time.