November 18, 2006

Gay Penguins Still Ruffling Feathers

"And Tango Makes Three" is a children's picture book that tells the story, a true story by the way, about two male penguins who raised a baby penguin as their own chick in New York's Central Park Zoo.

Of course, anything that exposes youngesters to a positive portrayal of homosexuals, even amongs penguins, will get some people's undies all bunched up. The lastest is in Shiloh, Illinois, where some parents have raised a stink. They are trying to get the book moved to a section containing "mature topics" which would require parental permission for a child to read it.

It's a sweet little book that you can buy on Anything that can get our kids thinking outside the box the religious right so desperately wants to keep them in is a good thing.


  1. the gay penguin thing again? isn't it amazing how treatened the fundies are about not having all aspects of nature mirrir thier tightly-choreographed ideas of what's divine and sacred?

  2. This book is for little kids. Little kids don't think they way the adults seem to think.

    When I was that age (4 to 8) I thought all cats were female and all dogs were male. I also remember seeing a picture of a bunch of naked children and wondering how one could tell the boys from the girls if they had no clothes on.

  3. Hmm, well, moving the book to the "mature topics" section seems right. I mean love, acceptance, tolerance and understanding require a certain level of maturity, something woefully lacking in folks who seek to censure this book.

  4. How dare those filthy penguins force their lifestyle upon unsuspecting children and other penguins!!!??? Mother Nature must be turning into a liberal pinko commie!!!

    *Sorry, it's been a long day* :-P