November 25, 2006

Is the King James Bible the Original Rainbow Translation?

You might read that headline and wonder what in the world I'm talking about. Try this on for size. The King James Bible, treated by some fundamentalists as the original writing of the Bible (no dummies, it was written in Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic--the King James was the first ENGLISH translation from those original scriptures), was ordered by an actual King James in the 17th century.

What if he had been gay? What if, for centuries, the bible that has been the basis of much of the religious right theology had been authorized by a gay man?

Richard Mathis was kind enough to forward a link to this piece he wrote on that very subject for the site

Mr. Mathis wonders how the North Carolina Baptist Convention, which recently turned up the head on any member church that is accepting of gays, would view that revelation, then goes into great detail presenting evidence to support that assertion, one that is not new (Pastor Brenda was familiar with it) but is presented very clearly in this column.

Mathis writes, "How ironic it is that gay unfriendly Southern Baptists are the biggest proponents of the King James Bible. Then again, given that King James was remarkably arrogant, out-of-touch and torched "sodomites" and "witches" in the name of God while all the time being a sanctimonious hypocrite engaging in gay relationships, he could blend right in along side Ted Haggard putting the heat on gays and feminist abortionists."



  1. Excellent title. Indeed, the James version may very well be one of the first rainbow translation. Then again, there was the earlier work of Erasmus, who many historians also believe was gay.

  2. Obviously this is just one of many attempts to discredit Gods word. BTW, FTR The Language was Hebrew, Greek and Chaldean not Aramic. Even the OT Saints were sinners. Weren't we all at one time? Thank God he forgives us.