September 04, 2005

On the other side of the ledger.....

One of the more outspoken, bigoted, narrow-minded organizations around, Repent America, issued a statement directly tying in the Katrina disaster to the fact that New Orleans was preparing to host the 34th annual "Southern Decadence" gathering, a major party for the GLBT community. They point out that "this act of God destroyed a wicked city."

While New Orleans has a well earned reputation for decadence involving both straight and gays, this argument is severely flawed because:

o That presumes God created the conditions for the hurricane and steered it's path. Is he supposed to have picked this one out to do some special work, or is he in charge of all hurricanes and therefore responsible for all destruction they cause?

o This was the 34th "Southern Decadence." Why do you suppose God let the first 33 go without punishment?

0 If this storm was to punish New Orleans, then what are the thousands of people in Mississippi whose lives were torn apart supposed to think?

Then again, there wasn't a whole lot of rational thinking that went into this proclamation, was there?

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  1. I thought God sent a giant fetus-shaped hurricane to smite the evildoers (and their babies) for killing babies. Because that would make sense. Sigh.