September 04, 2005

Loaning a lesbian

I usually don't stray outside the U.S. for my posts, but this one was just too good to pass up. As reported in the USA Today, a library in Stockholm, Sweden has set up a sitatuion where people can literally come in and check out a person. People with different backgrounds, including homosexual, will be available for library patrons to reserve a 45-minute one-on-discussion to find out how they tick.

I know the best way for me to begin understanding the differences and similarities between myself and gay men was to spend some time sitting with them and asking questions. I have been fortunate to forge good relationships over the years that have been very illuminating, and the gay and lesbian members of my church continue to teach me a LOT about their lives and how we're not nearly as different as some right-wing zealots would have us think.

Of course, I had to be willing to listen. Sadly, that is becoming a lost art in our country. If you haven't done so in a while, try really listening to someone you disagree with and try to understand them. Then, see if they will return the favor. We can all learn something by doing that more often.

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  1. Hi, Jim! I found out about your blog on Bending the Rule. Thanks for what you're doing. can "check me out," blogwise, anytime.;-)