September 10, 2005


The pastor at my church had a sermon that really spoke to me today. He preached about the need for us as christians to forgive those who have hurt us or made us angry or that for whatever reason we have some issue of anger or envy toward.

I have not always practiced that in the posts I have added to this blog. I have allowed my anger at those who practice exclusion or other narrow-minded acts to pour out toward these groups or individuals. It would be easy for someone to read what I have written about people like Pat Robertson or groups like Repent America and categorize me as judgemental. By practicing one of the acts I an quick to criticize them and others for, I am not raising the level of dialogue, which is the primary goal of this blog.

I am asking God to forgive me for, at times, writing as if I had the right to judge others. I don't, nor does anyone have the right to judge me. That is something God reserves for himself and I'm mighty glad he does. That being said, however, I will continue to speak out about intolerant acts or anything that I have learned goes against God's word and the very essence of who He is.

Condemning the messenger is what people usually do when they can't argue against his message. It's important to keep focused on the issues and how God wants His people to handle them in their lives. Anything thing else just gets in the way of his will.


  1. First off, welcome to the Gay Faith Alliance.

    Second, thanks for your words (or your pastor's words) today. I have been reminded recently that I sound very judgmental and negative about people who are not gay. Your post reminds me to stick to issues that need denouncing and to be careful of just attacking individuals.

    For me, the trick is to say what I need to say -- even about individuals and groups -- without surrendering to the strong temptation to be witty and cruel at someone else's expense.

    I'll try to become totally willing to have God remove this defect of character and then humbly ask God to do so.

  2. I join my welcome to Damien's.

    The things we most need to hear in our lives always leave us with more room to be ourselves. Thank you for the reminder of what we need to let go of.

  3. Welcome to the ring. It's good to have you blogging along with the rest of us. It seems a number of us have been working on forgiveness this past week. Forgiven much, we have much to forgive. I look forward to your continued posting.
    Fr. B.