April 23, 2010

Matthew 25 Resource 4/23/10-Spectrum Youth and Family Services (Burlington, VT)

We have the unique capacity to support and help young people address factors that can interfere with their transition to adulthood such as mental health, physical health, joblessness, and substance abuse. Youth have access to our emergency shelter, long-term residential program, mental health and substance abuse counseling, educational services and an employment program, and much more.

Young people whose lives are unimaginably unstable and traumatic, but who manage to show up at our door day after day, continually inspire us.

"Can you imagine not having someone who cares about you, your well being and if you go to bed fed and warm each night? Because of Spectrum, hundreds of forgotten and in need teens now have people who truly care and are given the tools that they need to make their own futures bright! We think Spectrum’s 'making good' and are proud to support their efforts."         
- Nicole Ravlin, Partner, PMG Public Relations

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