January 14, 2010

If Marriage Is So Special, Then Spread It Around

That's the take from a commentary by Ann Woolner for Bloomberg News via Business Week (hat tip to Tweeter CommonComrades):

However passionate and polarized the gay marriage debate grows, sometimes it is difficult to tell one side from the other.

“Where marriage is honored, and where there is a flourishing marriage culture, everyone benefits -- the spouses themselves, their children, the communities and societies in which they live,” argues one of the groups that filed a friend- of-the-court brief in the gay marriage case on trial in San Francisco.

Sounds to me like an argument for expanding marriage to include same-sex couples.

But I am wrong, very wrong. The quote comes from a brief filed by the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, which opposes same-sex marriage.

The warring sides at least agree that marriage is special.
If only more people would take this approach, seeking commonality instead of focusing on differences.
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  1. I love this!! Thank you for posting!

  2. That would be the logical thing to do, but some seem to think that it's only special because it's kept away from "undesirables".