November 09, 2009

Site Updates

Sorry about the lack of posts today--we're still recovering from the BCF Renewal and catching up with our everyday lives.

As we expected, the Lord showed us a few new things during that event that He wants us to do here. One of them was to spend more time on original writing. These pieces, some of which will be first published on other sites, will come under the heading "In Our Own Words." To make time for this, we are collapsing our Matthew 25 Resources, SNN Recommends, and LGBT Helping Hands links into one daily slot. We will also be expanding our worship offerings which we'll have more on this weekend.

Our new Monday-Saturday schedule, effective tomorrow, is (all times EST):

6:00 AM LGBT news story
6:00 AM Daily Devotional
9:00 AM SNN Recommends/Matthew 25 Resource/LGBT Helping Hands
12:00 PM Encouraging Music
3:00 PM Encouraging Words
6:00 PM (or later) In Our Own Words--this won't be daily but when we have something to say

We hope you will gain even more blessing from these changes and others coming as we continue to grow this ministry. Speaking of growth, our traffic is staying on an upward trend. We want to put this out in front of as many people as possible so they can share in the love of God that we enjoy so much.

Thanks for visiting and God bless!

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