November 14, 2009

In Our Own Words 11/14/09-More Worship!

One of the things the Lord led us to during the Fall Renewal at our church last weekend was that we needed to focus more on posting worship at Straight, Not Narrow. You will see the next step toward that tomorrow, when we will have nothing but posts with live church services following our traditional Sunday Worship aggregate post at 6:00 AM.

At this time, we have nine independent affirming churches that broadcast live video streams over the Internet. The first two start at 11:00 AM est, while the last one begins at 9:00 PM est with several others falling in-between. These nine churches encompass several different styles so we be believe we are offering a variety of worship experiences hoping you will find at least one to bless you.

We want to remind you that we do not post these an a substitute for attending church and participating worship, but we do believe that for those unable or just not ready at this time to visit a church that we are offering a valuable alternative.

We are also going to experiment with how we present our LGBT news stories. We'll be presenting a daily digest from the sites that feed into our news aggregator on the right hand side of our home page starting Monday morning. We hope you like it.

We appreciate your feedback on these and future changes, be it positive or negative. We seek to present information in the most interesting and useful manner for our regular readers and so that it might attract new ones.

Thanks and God bless,

Jim and Brenda

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