November 17, 2009

Matthew 25 Resource 11/17/09-Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

We are a network of friends and we work to feed the ill, needy, seniors, and minor children in our communities. In our 14 county service area there are over 81,000 individuals in need. Our goal is to distribute 100 pounds per person per year or 8.1million pounds. This is approximately 17,200 meals per day.

There are several ways in which the Food Bank works to meet this need. Primarily we partner with approximately 235 non profit agencies to distribute this much needed food. Through these soup kitchens, pantries, senior centers, churches, and other hunger relief organizations, individuals and families have access to food that might otherwise be wasted. Through our Mobile Pantry Program, approximately 250 families are given the opportunity to receive food through a direct commodities distribution in their own community. Our Food 2 Kids and Kids CafĂ© Programs target the needs of hungry children by providing food on the weekends and evenings when other food is not available. Our Brown Bag Program helps offset food cost for disabled individuals and senior by providing a grocery sack full of food once a month. The Charlie & Jessica Ostick “Stock the Pantry” Program is a partnership with Habitat for Humanity in which new home owners are given access to the Food Bank and are encouraged to stock the shelves of the pantry of their new home.

For every dollar we receive we are able to rescue $14 worth of food which might otherwise been wasted. Or in other words, we are able to distribute 4 meals into norhtest Georgia. On behalf of the over 81,000 Northeast Georgians who need help, but are unable to give personal thanks, thank you so much for participating in this outreach.

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