October 28, 2009

SNN Recommends 10/28/09-Equality Maryland

We are proud members of this advocacy organization in our home state. They have recently named a new Executive Director so we thought now was a good time to introduce them to our readership.

Equality Maryland works to secure and protect the rights of LGBT Marylanders by promoting legislative initiatives on the state, county and municipal levels. Our professional lobbyists and legislative team work with our allies in the General Assembly to shape and pass positive legislation in Annapolis and to beat back discriminatory legislation.

Equality Maryland's sister arm, the Equality Maryland Foundation, works to eliminate prejudice and discrimination against LGBT Marylanders through outreach, education, research, community organizing, training and coalition building.

* We act as an advocate for LGBT Marylanders.
* We aim to empower ordinary citizens to become extraordinary activists.
* We work to provide a strong and unified voice for LGBT concerns in the media.
* We will tirelessly toil until equal protection under the law has been achieved for all members of our diverse community.

As a non-partisan organization, Equality Maryland believes that equal protection under the law for LGBT Marylanders and families headed by same-sex couples is not and should not be a partisan issue. LGBT Marylanders are Democrats and Republicans, as well as Independents and members of third parties, and vote in virtually every county in Maryland. While few of us under the LGBT umbrella are single-issue voters, most of us do attach significant weight to the rhetoric and votes that surround the question of our civil rights. Therefore, it is vital to reach out to all fair-minded elected officials to seek understanding and advocacy on behalf of our civil rights.

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